3D Ultrasounds at 24 Weeks

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August 23rd, 20008.  We decided to go in for the 3D ultrasound today. It was a great experience but again, Baby B stole the show!! He was the only one to show his face.

Baby A and Baby C were hard to get good images because they were facing towards my spine. I say they are hugging me. ;-)

We will be going back next week to try and get some better shots of Baby A and Baby C.

Our good friend Heidi came with us to the viewing. It was fun having her along. Plus, Meagan and Josh also came with us.  

Also, at our doctor visit they checked practically everything on the trio! It was so nice to hear that they are in the normal range for their gestational age. They all weight over a pound. They came in at 1.6lbs, 1.7, lbs, and 1.8lbs. Yay!!!




























On August 28th, 2008 we went in to the 3D place again and tried to get some pictures of Baby A and Baby C. We managed to get one of each! Our little girl did not come out so well, but we are posting it just the same because you can make her out . It is just a little blurry.



 This is a pretty good picture of  Baby B. He must really like his photo taken! 

 This is a great side profile of Baby B. His ribs are so defined in this picture! It is so cute seeing his hand up near his face. It almost looks like he is sucking his thumb.

 Again, Baby B is the show off!! So cute, huh?

 Now this picture actually has Baby A in it, the other boy. You can see that Baby B is mooning us! He is also shoving his bottom  in his brothers face!!  This gives a new meaning to "showing your A**" 

 One this picture you can't see it but Baby B still has his bottom close to Baby A's face. I think he is trying to push his brother out of the way!

 This is the best picture of Baby C, the girl. I think she is shy and wants to wait until delivery day to make her debut!