Ultrasounds at 20 Weeks

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 These ultrasounds were taken at 20 weeks on July 29h 2008.   Once again everything looked good.  They re-measured all of the babies today including each one's head, stomach, thigh bone and overall length.  All of their measurements indicated that they were each right at around 20 weeks and 1 day old which was perfect. 

 They also spent some time looking at the heart of each baby and all of them looked good.  You can really make out the 4 chambers of the heart when they get a good shot of it.  It is very cool to seem them beating.  Their body lengths now are each around 11 to 12 inches.  The ultrasound pictures were not great this time, but we were just happy that everything was looking good.

 Here is baby A.  You can see his hand up by his head, like he has a headache or something :)

Baby B is acting like a contortionist here.  Standing on his head and his feet seem to be going backwards...

 Not a great picture of baby C here, the girl.  You can make out the head and belly anyway.  Sort of looks like an evil terminator skull to me.