Ultrasounds at 18 Weeks

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These ultrasounds were taken at 18 weeks on July 14th 2008.   Everything looked good today.  The ultrasound technician especially looked at the heart and spine of baby C (the girl) since they weren't able to get a very good look at her last time. 

All of the babies were moving around a lot during the ultrasounds.  Patricia says she can feel them moving around inside of her.  We still haven't been able to feel them from the outside yet though.


Here is baby A.  Everything looks good, and you can see baby B's head pushing in on the left hand side.  Baby A's hand is up on his head.  It appears that Baby B is giving him a headache by intruding on his space :)

Baby B was the show-off today.  He gave us practically perfect pictures every time the ultrasound technician looked at him.

 Baby C is here.  This is the little girl.  You can see her sticking her feet up in the air, kind of curled up in a ball.