Ultrasounds at 16 Weeks

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These are some of our ultrasound pictures at 16 weeks.  We got some really good looks at all of the babies.

Today we were able to determine the sexes!  The first one checked was a boy.  The second one checked was also a boy.  At this point we were both really hoping the third baby would be a girl.  And....the last one was a girl!  We were both thrilled.  We got the variety pack :)

The ultrasound technician was one of the best at Tucson Medical Center and she measured several things on each one of the babies.

  • Size of the head and symmetry of the brain.
  • Size of the stomach.
  • Length of the femur (large leg bone).
  • Overall length of the baby.

All of the babies each weighed approximately 5 ounces which is normal at 16 weeks.  All of their measurements came back normal as well. 

The length of the femur can be used as an indicator of down's syndrome if it is too short.  Luckily all 3 babies femurs had normal lengths.

The ultrasound technician also looked at the hearts of each baby to ensure there were 4 chambers and that the flow looked good.  She was also able to see some of the internal organs on each baby.  So far everything looks normal.

All of these pictures were taken on June 30th 2008. 

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This is baby A.  Again you can see the spine clearly.  He is head to head with his brother, baby B.

Here is baby A again.  His feet look like little balloons.

A very good picture of baby B here.  His feet are completely tucked up against his belly.

This is a closeup of baby B's face.  You can actually make out some facial features.

Well, this is where we find out that baby B is a boy.  Note the arrow on the piture pointing to the relavent part :)  This view is from the bottom.

The feet of baby B shown from the bottom.  We just thought this picutre was cute.

Here is baby C (the little girl).  The spine and skull are easily visible.

Baby C again, just lying on her side.