Ultrasounds at 14 Weeks

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These are some of our ultrasound pictures at 14 weeks.  It is always exciting to go in and see the babies again. 

The ultrasound technician checked the necks of all 3 babies this time for any indication of down's syndrome.  Apparently you can tell by looking at the thickness of a specific part  of the neck on each fetus.  All 3  babies showned no indication of any problems in this area.  Unfortunately you can't see this on any of these pictures. 

The thickness of the part they measure in the neck should be less than 2 mm.  On each baby the thickness was something like 0.1 or 0.2 mm.

All of these pictures were taken on June 13th 2008. 

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 This is Baby A.  He is upside down and you can see that he is kicking his brother in the head.  I can already here the cries of "Stop touching me!"

This is Baby B.  You can actually see the spine really well in this picture along with the outline of the skull.

 Here is Baby C.  She is sort of bent over backwards in this picture and you can't see her too well.