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From birth until escape from the NICU.

This page shows all of our videos and pictures from when the babies were in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  This was from the day they were born until they came home.  Kenadie came home on November 10th and both boys came home on November 28th.  This page covers up until November 10th.

 Update - November 10th 2008 - We got a call this morning around 10:00 AM from the hospital that Kenadie will be coming home today!  We are so excited!  It won't be until later tonight, probably around 5 or 6 PM.  She will be the first one of our three little miracles to come home :)

Zach is doing fine these days with no real issues.  He continues to gain weight (as do all 3 of them!) and is usually is a good mood.  Nick, on the other hand, recently had an episode where his heart rate went over 300 beats per minute.  Normally the babies heart rates are around 150 beats per minute.  He recovered on his own within a few seconds but the doctors want to watch him a bit closer now.  They have put a "harness" on him with 12 leads monitoring his heart.  These go into a little box off to the side that records everything.  He will wear this for 24 hours and then a cardiologist will review the data.  Nick started wearing the harness this morning so hopefully we will know more by tomorrow afternoon or Wedensday at the latest.

Sorry no new pics or videos right now :(  We will put more up later. 

Update - November 7th 2008 - Well Kenadie had an "episode" yesterday where her heart rate slowed down a bit too much.  She came out of it on her own and it was relatively minor, but due to this she will not be coming home this weekend.  The doctors like to have at least 3 straight days with no "episodes" before they will release a baby.  Otherwise everyone is doing well.  Kenadie is just under 4 lbs now at 3 lbs 15.5 oz.  Below is a picture of Kenadie wide awake just before getting fed.

Below are Zach and Nick sleeping on their Mommy's lap after both had just been fed. 

Update - November 6th 2008 - The picture below shows Kenadie giving her brother Zach a hug.  Kenadie has a tendancy to always throw her arm around wichever brother she is facing in the crib.  She must love her brothers!  Neither Zach or Nick seem to mind it either.

 We are being told now that Kenadie may go home as soon as this weekend!  Yeah!  Then they are predicting Nick a week after Kenadie and Zach a week after Nick.   

In other news, they have not been able to hear any evidence of the heart murmer from Zach's Patent Ductus Arteriosus (PDA) condition for several days now.  It appears that his heart duct may have closed on its own as the doctors were hoping.  The only way to be fully sure is to do an echocardiogram on Zach's heart.   Hopefully they will do that before he is released.  In any case this is certainly good news!

Update - October 30th 2008 -We had another good day today as all 3 babies were moved out of their incubators and into a common crib where they can all be together!   Zach is still on very minimal oxygen and they may take him off of it tomorrow. We'll see.  All 3 are still gaining weight as well. 

Nicholas - 4 lbs even
Zachary - 3 lbs, 13 oz.
Kenadie - 3 lbs, 6 oz.

 Here are all 3 babies in the same crib at the NICU.  From left to right are Nicholas, Kenadie, and Zachary:

Here is Patricia feeding Zach today. He was very wide awake much of the time.  We are trying to get all 3 babies to feed with a bottle now:

 Update- October 26th 2008-This was an exciting day for us! Margie (the nurse taking care of the babies) took out all three babies and placed them on Kevin. She thought it was time to break him in on holding them all at the same time.  They all are doing great and Zachary was on room level oxygen (21%). This percent is what we breathe.

 This is the first time Joshua was able to hold Nicholas. Is he a great big brother or what?


Update - October 25th 2008 - All 3 babies are doing fairly well as of today.  The doctors tell us that they will have good days and bad days, but overall we are optimistic.   Both Nicholas and Kenadie are off of all oxygen and IV's.  Zachary still has a bit of oxygen via a cannula into his nose, as well as an IV "pick line".  Zach also has a condition called Patent Ductus Arteriosus or PDA.  This is when a valve in the heart that usually closes within 24 hours after a baby is born, does not close.  It is somewhat common in preemies and can be treated in several ways.  Here is a good link to learn more about the  condition of PDA.  The doctors have decided to take a "wait and see" attitude with Zach right now (regarding the PDA) as he is doing well, breating pretty good and still gaining weight.  If the PDA becomes an issue later on then they will take action.  In the meantime he is fine and will suffer no ill effects in the long term from waiting to see if the heart duct will close on its own.  It isn't a good feeling knowing that your little boy has something wrong with him, but the condition is well known and definitely can be fixed when the time comes.

All 3 babies have been gaining weight and all are now past their birth weights. Here are their current weights:

Nicholas - 3 lbs 12 oz (a 5 oz. gain)

Kenadie - 3 lbs 1 oz (a 3 oz. gain)

Zachary - 3 lbs 9 oz (an 8 oz. gain)

Nick and Kenadie are at their maximum feeding amounts of 32 cc's and Zach is at 26 cc's.  Some videos from today are below.  All of the babies are becoming more active when we first hold them.  It is really nice to see them looking around and trying to see what is going on.  We will update Zach's condition as we learn more in the following days and weeks.

25 October 2008, Patricia holding Zachary

25 October 2008, Heather holding Kenadie

25 October 2008, Is Nicholas smiling?

Update - October 16th 2008 - We got to hold all 3 babies yesterday, and all of the opened their eyes.  They had to put Nicholas back on some oxygen this morning, so all 3 are back to getting a little breathing support.  They are still doing well though.  Patricia came home yesterday and actually got a bit of sleep.

 Patricia holding Nicholas


Patricia holding Zachary

Update - October 14th 2008 - Patricia has decided to stay in the hospital one more day in order to be closer to the babies.  All 3 received "blue light" treatment yesterday and today to prevent jaundice which is very common in preemies.  Zachary had to go back on the CPAP tube since he was not breathing so well.  The pictures to the left are of all 3 sleeping today.  Top to bottom are Nicholas (no breathing support), Kenadie (oxygen tubes in her nose), and Zachary in the bottom picture (CPAP breathing support).



Update - October 13th 2008 - Everyone is doing fine today.   All 3 babies have been taken off the CPAP (forced air).  Kenadie and Zach still have oxygen tubes in their noses but Nicholas currently doesn't even need that.  They were all fed for the first time yesterday as well, via a tube down into their bellies.  I got to hold Zachary for the first time yesterday as well and it was wonderful.  I have not yet got to hold Nicholas or Kenadie.  They will be releasing me from the hospital tomorrow.

View Zach being held for the first time.

October 11th 2008. 

The triplets have arrived!

We went into the hospital on Friday night because I was having pre-labor contractions and a lot of pain in my side.  When we got there, the immediately gave me some medication to try and stop the contractions.  First a shot of terbutiline and then magnesium sulfate via an IV drip.  They also started me on a course of steroid shots to make the babies lungs develop faster.  I was supposed to get 4 steroid shots, each one 12 hours apart.  The first shot was given at 11:00 AM Friday morning and the second at 11:00 PM.  Everything was going fine and my husband went home to get some sleep.

At about 3:40 AM I felt some wetness and got the nurse.  It turns out that Baby A (Nicholas) had kicked hard enough to break his sac!  When the doctor checked things down there, he felt a foot!  I called Kevin and he left immediately for the hospital but was just a bit too late to see the births.  Here is the information on our new little trio:

 Nicholas Kyle Jordan, (length?), 3 lbs 7 oz, born October 11th at 4:08 AM.  Nicholas' video is above:

 Kenadie Paige Jordan, 16.5 in.,  2 lbs 14 oz, born at 4:09 AM. Kenadie's video is above:

Zachary Lee Jordan, 16 in., 3 lbs 1 oz, born at 4:10 AM. Zachary's video is above:

The babies will very likely have to stay in the hospital NICU for around 6 weeks before they can come home.  This will be right around Thanksgiving, so we are really hoping to have them home by then!