Family Photos

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For Christmas, Meagan and Joshua went to have their pictures taken. It was my present from them. It was a great present and I love the pictures!













Meagan at 17. She is a senior this year and plans on going to college for nursing.










Joshua at 15. He will be 16 in Feb. He is a sophmore this year and is growing up so fast!





















































This picture was taken at my house on Christmas Eve before Church.






                          Nicholas                          Kenadie                       Zachary


 I love this picture! Kenadie is to the left and Nicholas is to the right and Zachary is in the bottom middle.                                


Nicholas and Zachary



Grandma with some of her Grandkids!

Jenny, Ryan, Alyssa, Logan, and Amanda before Church when they were here visiting. I sure do miss them dearly!!!

Me and Jenny                                                  Kevin and Jenny 

              Alyssa with the trio and Amanda with Nicholas        


Our neighbor Jean helps out!!     Heidi and Haylee enjoying Kenadie!

Charmaine and Patricia with the trio!!!