Our Family

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This is our family.  The picture was taken about 2 years ago  winter of 2006.  We live in Tucson Arizona, so even in the winter its not that cold.

From left to right are:

  • Meagan, age 15
  • Joshua, age 13
  • Patricia, age 33
  • Kevin, age 40

As of 2008, everyone is 2 years older.  We hadn't even considered having more children when this picture was taken.  Now there are 3 more on the way!

Vacation 2008

From July 7-11 this year we decided to take a short 4 day cruise from Long Beach down to Ensenada Mexico and back.  There were 2 stops on the cruise - Catalina Island and Ensenada.  The picture to the left is Josh, Meagan and Kevin going horseback riding in Ensenada.  Patricia could not go of course, since she was nearly 18 weeks pregnant at this time.  She did, however, go kayaking the day before around Catalina Island.  We figured this would be our last chance for a family vacation for a while.


 Picture from 2006. 


Here is a recent picture when Josh, Meagan and Kevin went horseback riding in Ensenada Mexico.