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Updated September 30th, 2009

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Update September 30, 2009

 This will be the last update for the web site.  For up to date information from now on, please go to my myspace page here:


There are lots of new pictures and videos there and it is just much easier for me to update.  Here is a recent picture of the trio from September 2009.  They are all getting so big!  They can eat some regular food now like macaroni and green beans (if they are chopped up a bit).  From left to right are Nic, Zac and Kenadie.  They all still have red hair, although Nic doesn't have much so it is hard to tell for sure with him.

We took Zachary to the hospital to get an MRI and EEG done on him in August.  The results came back and he has a condition called Periventricular Leukomalasia (PVL).  This basically means that he has some brain damage around the fluid areas of the brain (the ventricles).  This can happen when the brain doesn’t get enough oxygen either sometime during pregnancy, during delivery, or in the first few days after birth.  It affects premature babies more than full term babies.  It can cause problems with muscle control, mental ability, speech, hearing, and other problems.  It can also lead to Cerebral Palsy, and Zac has been diagnosed with this as well, mostly in his left arm which he can’t control as well as his right arm.  He may also be prone to having seizures based on his EEG results. 

 This all sounds bad, but the truth is we won’t know the full extent of how Zac will be affected until he is about 2 years old.  All we can do until then is continue to work with him and wait and see.  He still makes progress and is now working on crawling, although he has to work harder at it.  He isn’t as strong as Nicholas and Kenadie.  His hearing is also fine since that was tested earlier, and his eye sight also seems to be OK.  He hasn’t had any seizures since we thought he had one in July. If he does start having them, they can hopefully be controlled with medication.  We also hope that the effects of all this won’t be so bad in the long run.  He is still a very happy, fun baby and we are blessed to have all 3 of them.  They will all be 1 year old on October 11th!


For more pictures and videos, go to my myspace page here:




I will no longer be updating this web page since I don't have the time to do both and myspace is just easier for me :)



30 Septembe 2009


Update June 1, 2009

Lots of stuff happening since the last update.  Zac saw a pediatric neurologist here in Tucson in late April.  He evaluated Zac by testing his reflexes and moving his arms and legs around.  He basically said that he saw no signs of cerebral palsey with Zac at this time.  He also didn't want to perform an MRI scan on Zac just yet as there is no guarantee it would be conclusive, and they would have to put Zac under anesthesia to do it.  We have a follow up visit in 6 months.  In the meantime Zac is still a bit behind Nic and Kenadie in his progress but still doing well overall.  He will see a physical therapist from the state of AZ on a weekly basis beginning May 8th this week.

We also took all 3 babies to see an eye doctor on May 4th. We were a bit concerned about Zac since the pediatric neurologist thought that one of Zac's eyes was off.  The eye doctor said all 3 babies eyes were just fine though.  We have a follow up visit with Zac on June 22nd just to be sure that he is OK. 

The babies are now eating #2 solid baby food at 2 meals each day and they all tolerate it very well and like most things.  Kenadie doesn't seem to like fruit though, and always makes funny faces when she first tastes any type of fruit.  Nic and Zac on the other hand love to eat some fruit for desert.  Nic and Kenadie are both getting ready to crawl pretty soon.  We have some gates to block off a room for them and we need to put them up before we have babies crawling all over the house!  

We will be taking the triplets with us to Minnesota in the first part of July when we go to visit family.  Three little babies on a plane should be a very interesting experience.  Hopefully we will survive it!  Below are a few new movies of the babies since the last update. 





Update April 14th, 2009

I took the kiddos to the doctor yesterday for their shots and checkup. So far I have not done this by myself- thank goodness for that! My dear friend Charmaine has always gone to help with the little ones and we appreciate her so much! Thank you Charmaine! The hardest part of the appointments is the shots. It is so sad to see them happy one minute and then screaming the next. Times three!!!

So, what do they weigh now? Here are the details!

  • Nicholas weighing in at 14lbs, 4oz and 24 inches long
  • Zachary weighing in at 14lbs and 23.5 inches long
  • Kenadie weighing in at 12lbs and 23 inches long

 Nicholas has Eczema so I have to moisturize him often. Zac and Kenadie also have it but theirs is mild. Poor Nic breaks out often but I try my best at keeping it under control.


I am also going to start feeding them solid food. I am doing this because I want them to start getting used to using the spoon more so than the nutritional reason. They are plenty healthy!!!


One last update is on Zac. He is a bit behind Nic and Kenadie with his motor skills. His body stays pretty stiff and he does not grab for things like the other two. Some other things he is lacking at this age are poor head control, weak suck/tongue thrust, and decreased interest in surroundings. Unfortunately, these are all signs of Cerebral Palsy. I am not saying that this is what he has so there is no need to worry about this yet. The doctor just wanted to make me aware of it in case he may need some therapy. It is way too early to diagnose Zac with this condition but if he actually has Cerebral Palsy we will do whatever is necessary to help him.   


Here are some videos from the last month:


Sitting in their high chairs



After a day at the park


Update March 20th, 2009

The kiddos are thriving quite nicely. Kenadie has actually rolled completely over on her own! They do not go to the doctors again until the 9th of April so I can not tell you what they weigh. I believe Nic and Zac are around 13lbs and Kenadie is probably 11lbs.  I also think that they are at the beginning of teething. Kenadie especially. Sorry this is a short update!

  Update - March 10th 2009 - Here are Nic, Zac and Kenadie all playing together.

 Update - February 8th 2009 - It has been quite a while since our last update and the babies just keep getting bigger and bigger.  They still eat every 3 hours during the day but after the last feeding at 10:00 PM we try and let them sleep until they wake up.  So far they normally sleep until about 2:00 AM or 3:00 AM.   All 3 of the babies are smiling more and all of them are starting to talk with little baby cooing sounds.

When the babies went to the doctor's in early January Nic was exactly 10 lbs, Zac was about 9 1/2 lbs and Kenadie was 8 lbs 4 oz.  They go back to the doctor again on February 10th.  It will be interesting to see what they weigh now!  

Here is Nic smiling and playing.  We tried to get him to talk in this video but he was not cooperating.

This is Zac having fun in the little Jungle Gym we have.

Kenadie in her cradle having a short discussion with her Mommy!

Update-December 29th 2008-  Well, we are almost through the year and heading into another busy year. We had a wonderful Christmas and looking forward to 2009! My Mother-in-law is visiting and my sister-in law was here with her family for a week. We enjoyed having them here and miss them dearly. Our neice Alyssa was a big help in taking care of the trio and our neice Amanda just loved seeing her new cousins! Our nephew Logan really enjoyed playing the Wii, he especially likes the bowling. I have added some photos under the link "family photos". Please take a look if you are interested.

Update - December 14th 2008 - Both Nicholas and Zachary got to come home on November 28th, the day after Thanksgiving.  They were our special Thanksgiving present :)  The past 2 weeks with all 3 babies home now has been pretty crazy.  We have been trying to get into a routine as much as possible.  The babies eat every 3 hours without fail.  The good news is that they are all on the same schedule so they all eat at the same time.  It can get pretty loud when they are all crying for food.  If twins cry in stereo, then I guess triplets are surround sound :)

All babies are doing well.  They are just getting over a cold they all had which made it more difficult for them to eat (since they couldn't breath through their noses) and it also made them kind of crabby.  They had a doctors visit on Monday (December 8th) and both boys weighed 7 lbs even and Kenadie was at 6 lbs 4 oz.  Tomorrow (December 15th) will be the date they would have been full term, so they would have been pretty good sized babies if they would have stayed in.

Here is Nic wearing his football pajamas.  Nic is generally a great eater and seems to have a good disposition most of the time.

Here is Kenadie in the bouncy chair wearing her black cat outfit from halloween.  I love how her little legs stick out.  She is actually getting some chubby cheeks as well, which is nice to see since she was always so skinny until now.  Kenadie is the champion eater, even better than Nic.  She will definitely let you know when she is hungry!  We sometimes call her "gizmo" because she sort of looks like Gizmo from the Gremlins movie.

 Zac is below also in the bouncy chair.  He is currently the slowest eater and also seems to have a temper.  He can make some crazy faces when he gets mad!

 Here is Patricia holding all 3 of our little ones.  They make quite a lapful! 

 Here are Nic and Zac sleeping in their crib downstairs.  They always seem to gravitate to each other and always end up touching while they are sleeping.


 Update - November 23rd 2008 - Well its been a while since we have updated the site since we have been very busy with Kenadie at home but Nic and Zac still in the hospital.  We normally have to get someone to watch Kenadie during the day so that Patricia can visit Nic and Zac for a decent amount of time each day, and this has been difficult.  We still don't have any word on when the boys may come home since they continue to have episodes where their heart rates drop.  Kenadie is doing fine at home and now weight 5 lbs 6 oz.  She generally sleeps 3 hours between feedings although sometimes 4 hours during the day.  We wish she would do the 4 hour stints at night, but no luck with that so far :)  Here are a few videos from the past 2 weeks:

 Kenadie getting some "tummy time" at home


Kenadie visits her brothers at the hospital


Nic is sleepy and Kenadie visits

 This is the web site of the Jordan family from Tucson, AZ.  We have been trying to have a baby via In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) for over a year.  Then in April we found out we were having triplets!  We also now know that we are expecting 2 boys and 1 girl.

We already have 2 children.  Meagan is 17 now and Joshua is 15.  This is our story.  As time goes by we hope to put up more pages and links that may be of use to other families expecting multiples. 

Below is a picture from our recent vacation.  A short 4 day cruise from Long Beach to Catalina Island, Ensenada, and back.  The picture below is from Catalina Island with our ship in the background.  We figured it would be our last chance for a nice vacation with Meagan and Josh before the triplets arrive.